Grab Bag Six-Pack #1


Sometimes you just need a few cards to stash away for a rainy day. Or maybe you’re new to my work and you’re overwhelmed by the number of choices on the site (I’m the worst editor!). If this is you, then this six-pack of new and old favorites is a great place to start. This group contains some of my best sellers and is guaranteed to bring a smile to anyone’s face! 

  • The original party girls
  • Happy Little Trees
  • Fast Food!
  • Secret keeper
  • Surprise!
  • To the Batcave!


I create my blank greeting cards using Museo Artist Cards and archival inks. The paper is a lovely bright white that sets off the color of the whimsical and fun images. Each card comes with a matching white envelope.



Additional information

Weight .25 oz
Dimensions 7.2 × 4.8 × .1 in