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The Mandolorian TV show treats the Child like any curious toddler. Whether he’s eyeing the ball on the Razorcrest’s control panel or the local frog population…you know he has only mischief on his mind. This image is an homage to curious children everywhere.

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I love to blur the line between photography and painting. By fusing encaustic medium with a fiber based print I create a unique work of art that has the clarity of a photo but the warmth of the surface of a painting. I then add pastels, oil paints to further blur that distinction. There is always a dimension to the surface of the piece. Check out the detail image to see if I’m removing medium to let the figure shine through. Or maybe I’ve decide to raise the main subject from surface. Either way, there is more than meets the eye on close inspection of each unique piece.

For more information about the encaustic process, please check out the “Originals” page. There you will find a step by step visual guide to the creation of one of my unique encaustic and photographic wall pieces.

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Weight 48 oz
Dimensions 16 × 2 × 20 in
Encaustic 2D Image

12" x 24" unique encaustic print, 8” x 16” unique encaustic print, 10” x 20” unique encaustic print