Welcome To The Secret World of Toys

Creativity Workshops

2022 Creativity Workshops announced!

All my workshops are designed around self expression, supporting your inner creative journey and storytelling with toys. Whether you’re new to the hobby, are interested in exploring the intersection of ideas and toys or a creative looking for inspiration, I’ve got the workshop for you!  By orchestrating a small experience I create a safe and supportive place to share and learn. If this sounds like fun, check out the link below.

Art Shows

Thank your for a great 1/2 year of art shows! 

These past few months Ive had the pleasure of showing and selling my work in person. What a joy! I had such a good time talking toys, photography and pop culture with everyone who stopped to check out my work. To watch the smiles appear on faces and hear the snickers warmed my heart! I cant wait to do it all over again in 2022. So thank you to everyone who came out to art shows, big and small, and supported me and my quirky vision of the world.

Blog Posts

Eight years of blog posts all in one place!

I’ve been documenting my creative journey since 2014. By writing about the ups and downs of the creative process, as well as my doubts, I feel that I’ve cleared many of my creative road blocks. Now I share that journey and all that I’ve learned in my various workshops. This page brings all those posts together in one place.

“I have taken other classes on creativity but something about your approach is completely different and I “see” now what’s been missing in my photography.” Jane S., January 2021

“Shelly is amazing!  Besides being a highly technical photosmith, she has mastered the ability to evoke emotion and life from all of the little plastic characters I make!  She has provided heartbeats and soul to many a toy and she is a collaborative Juggernaut when it comes to sharing and developing great ideas.” – Guy Himber, CrazyBricks