Welcome To The Secret World of Toys

Creativity Workshops

Are you ready to expand your creative tool box?

All my workshops are designed around self expression, supporting your inner creative journey and storytelling. Whether you’re new to the hobby, are interested in exploring the intersection of ideas and toys or a creative looking for support, I’ve got a workshop for you!  My workshops are designed to create a safe and supportive place to share and learn. If this sounds like fun, check out the link below.

Art Shows

Come see me in person!

I love sharing my love of toys and toy photography. Whether I’m meeting people through my workshops, brick conventions or at art shows, I love to share! So come see me in person! Check out my unique encaustic mixed media photographs as well as the full selection of greeting cards. Click on the link below to find a show or event near you! See you there!

Creativity Coaching

Are you looking for fun, creative support and clarity?

  • Are you feeling unclear or stuck in your creative process?
  • Do you have a specific project that needs support?
  • Did you forget how to dream somewhere along the way?

Creativity coaching, either through workshops or individually, may be the right path for you! I want to help you get unstuck and moving forward with joy and laughter.

“I have taken other classes on creativity but something about your approach is completely different and I “see” now what’s been missing in my photography.” Jane S., January 2021

“Shelly is amazing!  Besides being a highly technical photosmith, she has mastered the ability to evoke emotion and life from all of the little plastic characters I make!  She has provided heartbeats and soul to many a toy and she is a collaborative Juggernaut when it comes to sharing and developing great ideas.” – Guy Himber, CrazyBricks