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Welcome To The Secret World of Toys

Featured Card

“To the Bat Cave!”

Batman has always laughed in the face of danger! 

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Featured Encaustic 2D Image

“Skate or Die (out)

Maybe this is the real reason the dinosaurs died out – they forgot how to have fun! 

To look at other unique encaustic images please check out all the choices in my shop. If you’re interested in how I create these fun twists on a traditional photograph, you can find a step-by-step look at the process here

Next In Person Show

Cafe Lulu, October – November, 2020. 

I’m pleased to announce that Cafe Lulu will be showing my work at their wonderful community coffee shop during October and November. Because of Covid-19 there has been little opportunities for me to share my original pieces. I’m grateful for this rare opportunity to show and sell my work. Please stop by and enjoy a delicious cup of coffee, a locally sourced pastry and get an up-close look at the originals. 

Cafe Lulu is located at 6417 Latona Ave NE, Seattle, WA 98115

“I’m a professional photographer and I try so hard to come up with something impactful to shoot. Then I walk in this coffee shop and there’s LEGO people going on adventures. And I realize how the most impactful things can be, like, what you’re doing. That’s amazing.”Jay Toups
“Shelly is amazing!  Besides being a highly technical photosmith, she has mastered the ability to evoke emotion and life from all of the little plastic characters I make!  She has provided heartbeats and soul to many a toy and she is a collaborative Juggernaut when it comes to sharing and developing great ideas.” – Guy Himber, CrazyBricks