Welcome To The Secret World of Toys

Creativity Workshops

Fall 2021 Creativity Workshops announced!

The more I work with toys the more I realize their power for self expression and story telling. My workshops are designed around self expression, supporting your inner creative journey and creative storytelling. In small groups we will explore where ideas come from through various challenges designed to stretch you as a creative. These small groups are designed to be a safe and supportive place to share and learn. If you’re interested in embarking on a life changing experience follow the link for more information.

Art Shows

Art shows are back! 

With the pandemic restrictions easing, art shows are starting to emerge from their 2020 hiatus. I’ve compiled a list of shows I’m currently planning on attending and selling at. As more shows commit to going forward, this list will continue to grow. I’ve missed sharing my work in person! I hope that you will be able to make one of these shows so we can connect over our mutual love of toys and photography!

Blog Posts

Eight years of 
blog posts all in one place!

I’ve been documenting my creative journey since 2014 on first, StuckinPastic, and later on my own community run blog, The Toy Photographers Blog. By writing about the ups and downs of the creative process, as well as my doubts, I feel that I’ve cleared many of my creative road blocks. Now I share that journey and all that I’ve learned in my Creating with Intention workshops. This page brings all those posts together in one place.

“I have taken other classes on creativity but something about your approach is completely different and I “see” now what’s been missing in my photography.” Jane S., January 2021

“Shelly is amazing!  Besides being a highly technical photosmith, she has mastered the ability to evoke emotion and life from all of the little plastic characters I make!  She has provided heartbeats and soul to many a toy and she is a collaborative Juggernaut when it comes to sharing and developing great ideas.” – Guy Himber, CrazyBricks