Understanding composition is one of the bedrock skills every photographer should have. Being able to tell compelling stories and successfully connecting with your audience, begins with composition.


Because composition is so integral to great storytelling, I want to introduce a new workshop where we focus on the rules of composition.

While composition “rules” like rule of thirds, depth of field and leading lines are a part of most photographers’ toolkit. There are many others that tend to be ignored. And this is your chance to explore a few of these compositional tricks and integrate them into your photography practice. And once you’ve mastered these other techniques you will have the skills to put together a photo series that can tell a compelling story. 



Over our six sessions you will create images around the following composition techniques:


  • Negative space
  • Fill the frame
  • Depth (via foreground interest)
  • Viewpoint
  • Simplicity
  • Color

When you’ve finished this workshop you will have: 


  • More confidence in your composition skill set.
  • Be able to choose a composition with storytelling in mind.
  • Create images that elicit an emotion from your viewers.
  • Assemble a series of images with rhythm and flow.

Join me as we explore the rules of composition while using toys, with an eye towards storytelling. As always we will have fun while expanding our photography skills!

What will create together?