Creating art isn’t about the final product. It’s about journey. And when the journey includes playing with toys, well, you cant keep it to yourself. 

I know the impact that toy photography has had on my well-being and imagination, allowing me to tap into hard-to-reach emotions, encouraging much needed silliness and, especially honing my storytelling skills. Humans are natural-born storytellers, whether the stories are original or recreations of time worn tales. We connect with others through story.

My workshops take you on a journey of self discovery, empowering you not only with technical skills but also storytelling methods and approaches to play. There’s a workshop for everyone, whether you’re a hobbyist or serious photographer.

Come on! Let’s get serious and play.

Not sure which workshop is right for you? Get in touch.

How they work

All my workshops are photography based, except for Independent Projects. Over the years I’ve developed a loose structure that works well to support each person’s individual journey within the group setting.

  • Where: we meet online via Zoom
  • Time: 90–120 minutes per session
  • Frequency: Six sessions over 12 weeks to accommodate busy schedules as well as to encourage experimentation.
  • Size: each session consists of between 4-6 people which allows plenty of discussion around every submission
  • Challenges: For each session I will give you a photo challenge. There is always plenty of written and verbal support to make sure you understand the assignment. And Im always a short email away if questions arise between sessions.
  • Sharing: each person is asked to share one final image with a second image showing the behind the scenes set up.

If for any reason someone misses a session, I will always record our conversation. Photos can also be shown during other sessions to get direct feedback.

Toy photography is our creative break! I endeavor to make the weekly challenges fun, interesting and a place to expand your creative photographic toolbox.

New in 2024

Complimentary one-year Creativity Clubhouse membership

A casual and supportive gathering meeting via Zoom once a month to share images, learn new techniques and connect.


  • Have fun!
  • Meet cool new people
  • Learn about the joys of toy photography
  • Expand your toy photography / macro skill set
  • Reinforce basic photography skills
  • Define your audience and learn how to connect with them
  • Reconnect with your inner child
  • Re-discover how much fun toy are
  • Learn the building blocks to visual storytelling
  • And so much more!

Workshop Offerings

While any of my workshops can be taken independent of the others, they do build on each other. With each workshop you will add new ideas to think about, while adding layers of meaning to your photography. Much like a juggler you will learn to bring many skills and ideas to your toy photography. My goal is always to leave you with plenty of ideas to create down the road as well as ideas to think about.

Master Class Weekend

This is the workshop that explains it all! From proper posing, supporting toys to all the various in-camera special effects, we cover it all in this short and information packed workshop.

I will be offering this weekend workshop May 4th – 5th and September 28th & 29th.

The Idea Factory I, II and III

This series of three six session workshops explores different techniques, ideas and creative inspiration through various challenges. These workshops are all about exploration, trying in-camera special effects and strengthening your photo skills. What a great way to explore all aspects of toy photography and get a taste of visual storytelling.

Idea Factory I begins October 8th, 2024. More information can be found here or jump straight to sign up here

Idea Factory II begins January 23rd, 2025 (subject to change). More information can be found here

Idea Factory III will be offered again in 2025. Sign up for my newsletter to be the first to know when I offer this workshop next.


You may have heard of the “rule of thirds” and leading lines, but in this workshop we will move beyond these rules and explore six others. From color to viewpoint, we will explore ways to add variety to your photo compositions. By using toys to understand the basics, your photography skills will increase no matter what your subject.

The next session begins April 23rd, 2024. More information can be found here or jump straight to sign up here.

Inside Out

Creating art is all about making an connection with the viewer. One avenue of connection is through our emotions. In the six challenges that make up this workshop we will explore the most common emotions. Using photography techniques, composition, symbols and color theory we will explore how to express emotions in toy photography.

The next session begins April 25th, 2024. More information can be found here or jump straight to sign up here.


These six challenges will really stretch your understanding of layers and symbolism. We will layer toys with different forms of mythology and common symbols like animals and flowers. This is where we explore deeper storytelling opportunities with toys.

Sign up for my newsletter to be the first to know when I offer this workshop next.


While Myths, Metaphors and Symbols focuses on storytelling, Archetypes focuses our attention on the characters in your story. It is up to you to decide if the archetypes you explore are related to your own life story or your favorite character. Both paths will lay a solid foundation for anyone who is interested in exploring visual storytelling.

The next session begins October 3rd, 2024. More information can be found here or jump straight to sign up here


This is where we put all the skills you’ve developed together. In this six week workshop we will examine the basic elements of storytelling: character development, context, conflict, climax and closure. During our conversations we will explore character archetypes, 2-sentence stories, the hero’s journey, story arcs, transformation and so much more. 

The next session begins January 21st, 2025. More information can be found here or you can jump straight to sign up here



The Six Image Narrative workshop is designed to strengthen your curatorial and storytelling skills. In this workshop you will create 12-18 images and edit them into a cohesive series around a single subject, idea, character, style or linear story. When you’ve completed this workshop you will have a better idea how to create a compelling visual narrative. A skill that will transfer to a variety of visual projects. 

The next session begins June 26th, 2024. More information can be found here or you can jump straight to sign-up here

What will We create together?