I love toy photography! And sharing the knowledge I’ve gathered over the past 10 years brings me great joy.

Toy photography is a fun genre that touches on so many other parts of the photography world. I’ve discovered that the skills you learn while photography toys transfers to other photo genres. These include macro, still life, nature, and portraiture. Toys are also great subjects to practice lighting skills on!

While everything I’ve mentioned is fabulous, the part of toy photography that keeps me excited is the story telling possibilities. I love telling one image stories where the viewer is able to bring their own interpretations to the action. Toy photography is essentially a visual medium not unlike comics. There is so much potential to create visual stories of any length inspired by pop culture, mythology, books, music and of course our own personal experiences.

As a toy photography evangelist I want to inspire others to join me in this fabulous and fun world of toy photography. The experiences you will have in my workshops will give you a solid base to expand your own photography story telling. While my workshops are toy photography based, I’ve found that will also inform and shape other photo genres that inspire you. Humans are natural storytellers. It’s what we do best. My workshops will help you to create images that tell stories that are meaningful to you and to help you connect with you audience.

All my workshops (excluding individual coaching) are limited to six people. I create a supportive, safe and fun atmosphere. Everyone learns by sharing and having fun together. These are truly transformative workshops!

The Workshops

Toy Photography Masterclass

If you’re curious about toy photography or just starting on your toy photography journey, this is the workshop for you!  This six-week workshop will cover all the basics of toy photography. We will discuss everything from how to buy toys to the basics of macro toy photography. Do you want to make your toys ‘fly’?  I can show you multiple ways to make this happen. Maybe you want to create a winter snow storm in your studio? There are many different ways to create snow indoors and we will talk about them all!

This workshop is perfect for anyone with a basic understanding of photography and wants to learn basic toy photography skills. More details on this workshop can be found here and sign up can be found here!

Creating with Intention

Creating with Intention is a 12-week workshop that takes a deep dive into where ideas come from. Each week participants will be challenged to create an image from one of the weeks prompts. As a group we will explore different ideas around toy photography. These include recreating famous artwork, pop culture mash-ups, self portraiture, surrealism and mythology. We will mine our own memories and create work that has multiple layers and meaning.  Each week participants will be  invited to share images they create including a behind the scenes look at the set-up. By sharing the thought process, obstacles and successes behind each image we will expand opportunities for learning.

This workshop is perfect for anyone looking to give direction to their toy photography, who is new to the genre or maybe stuck and needs a gentle push to get going again. For more details about topics covered, cost and start date, please check here.

Story Telling

The newest addition to my toy photography workshops is on the  basics of story telling. I will be expanding on the concepts learned in Creating with Intention. The diptych will now expanded to a three image story arc. We will take a close look at how to show the passage of time. Accessories and detail photos often get overlooked in pursuit of the ultimate action photo. But these images play an important role in advancing your story. While we touched on words and images in Creating with Intention, Story Telling will take a more in-depth look at combining words and images.

This workshop is perfect for anyone interested in continuing their toy photography journey or has an existing story they’re interested in creating. For more details about what is covered, cost and start date please check here.

The Story Telling workshop will be offered in 2022. If you would like to added to my mailing list to be alerted when sign up opens, please sign up here

The Artists Way

I love the book The Artists Way! Even though this book has been around for over 25 years, the lessons and activities are universal to the creative struggle.  I’ve taken this journey myself and discovered, and even laid to rest, some of my own creative gremlins. With that said, I understand its a daunting 12 week journey. I have found that this journey will benefit from accountability partners.

If you would like more information about The Artist’s Way workshop, I invite you to contact me to set up a 30 minute phone call. Together we will decide if this is the perfect option for you.

Individual Coaching

If you have a specific project you’re working on that is above and beyond what I cover in any of the other workshops I recommend starting with Individual Coaching. We will meet one-on-one twice a month to work on topics important to you. Because Ive been a self-employed artist for over 25 years, I know how important goals, accountability and motivation are. Sometimes we all need help reaching the next level. Individual coaching could be the perfect fit for your unique needs.

If you would like more information about working one on one, I invite you to contact me to set up a 30 minute phone call. Together we will decide if this is the perfect option for you.