Workshop Overview

I love toy photography! And I also love sharing that knowledge while supporting others in their toy photography journey.


Because when I gave myself permission to photograph toys, which amounts to playing with them, I unlocked a part of myself long forgotten. I was able to reconnect with my inner child bring a joy to my life that was long missing and learn to laugh and be silly again. Somewhere along my journey to adulthood, I forgot about living. Toys have reconnected me with that playful and joyful side of myself.

But beyond being a great tool for resilience and personal understanding, toys are also great to practice basic photography skills on. Toys are the perfect subject to practice lighting, portraiture and storytelling since they’re infinitely patient. My workshops are designed to stretch your storytelling skills, help you define your personal photo style and show you the many different ways you can approach each challenge. You will always be learning about yourself as well as other students. We share and learn together.

All my workshops are presented online via Zoom and limited in size. This to allows for plenty of sharing and questions. I strive to create a supportive and safe atmosphere. We learn by sharing and having fun together. These are truly transformative workshops!

Below you will find a brief introduction to the various workshops I offer. Each one is designed around a theme  that will expand your storytelling skills and your creative toolbox.

The Workshops – an overview

Toy Photography Masterclass

Whether you’ve just started your toy photography journey or you’re curious about this fun hobby, this is the workshop for you!  This four week class will cover all the basics of toy photography. Each week I will demonstrate a specific skill set with both examples, behind the scenes photos and a live demonstration. In addition you will be asked to share your phots and behind the scenes images for helpful suggestions and further learning.

When you’ve completed this class you’ll have a strong understanding of the most popular techniques used in the toy photography hobby. You’ll learn the basics tools you need to support the toys, simple practical effects like rain, smoke and snow as well as exploring the many options you have to light a scene. And so much more! I have 11 years of toy photography knowledge I want to import in  4 weeks.  More details can be found here. 

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The Idea Factory

The Idea Factory is a 12-week workshop that looks at all the fun ways you can tell stories with toys. Each week participants will be challenged to create an image from that weeks prompts. These include recreating famous artwork, pop culture mash-ups, self portraiture, two image stories and mythology. We will learn to create work that has multiple layers and meaning as a way to connect and engage our viewers. Each week participants are asked to share images they create including a behind the scenes look at the set-up. By sharing the thought process, obstacles and successes behind each image we expand our learning opportunities.

This workshop is perfect for anyone looking to strengthen their storytelling skills, who is new to toy photography or needs a creativity boost. For more details about this workshop, please check here.

Next session begins January 14th, 2023. You can sign up here

The Idea Factory II

Building on the ideas explored in The Idea Factory, we will expand your storytelling tool set. Part of that exploration will come from looking at where you started and where you are. And in preparation for creating a longer photo essay or story, we will look at various ways to change the pacing and viewer experience through a variety of challenges.

If you’re looking at building your story telling skills or dipping your toes into a longer format photo series, this workshop is for you!

You can check out more details on this workshop here.

Next session begins January 10th, 2023. You can sign up here

Inside / Out

After The Idea Factory this is my favorite workshop. During our ten weeks together we will explore many of the major emotions that we experience. Isolating an emotion a week is a powerful tool for storytelling. By looking at an individual emotion and how that can be expressed in photo using miniatures, we begin to break down the elements of storytelling. You will begin to appreciate how you experience these emotions in your life as well as how to illicit an emotional response from your viewers.

This is an enlighting and creative workshop. If you are looking to expand your storytelling skills, I encourage you to consider this workshop.

You can find out more details here.

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Myths, Metaphors and Symbols

This six-week workshop meets biweekly to explore how we can use existing myths, metaphors and symbolism to add depth to our toy photographs. Each week we will explore a specific cultural myth, metaphor or symbol. We will:

This is the perfect workshop for the intermediate toy photographer looking to bring additional story telling skills to their work.  We will learn to bring additional layers of meaning to your images as well as build upon the stories that infuse our collective conscious. Be prepared to take your story telling skills to the next level with this workshop!

For more information about this workshop I invite you to check out this page.

Next session begins January 14th. You can sign up here. 

This workshop is inspired by the work of Joseph Campbell.


The newest addition to my toy photography workshops delves into the  basics of storytelling. For this workshop I will be expanding on the concepts learned in Creating with Intention, Myths, Metaphors and Symbols as well as Inside / Out. In this six week workshop we will examine the basic elements of storytelling: character development, context, conflict, climax and closure.

We will be examining concepts like character archetypes, common story plots, internal vs external conflict, the hero’s journey, and of course mcguffins.

You can find out more details including the weekly challenges here.

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The Artists Way

I love the book The Artists Way! While this book has been around for over 25 years, the lessons and activities are universal to the creative struggle.  I’ve taken this journey myself and discovered, and even laid to rest, many of my own creative gremlins. I’ve developed a set of tools that help me in the inevitable set-backs and u-turns in the creative process. I also have a sound creative identity that acts as a foundation to build from. But all that growth doesn’t come easy. This is a 12 week journey that invites participants to look inside themselves and adjust their perspective on long held beliefs. Does this sound like a lot of work? It is…but its worth it!

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Purpose Clarity

Purpose Clarity is a six-week program designed to help you find your special purpose or to give you clarity on choices you’re currently facing. We are going to play in possibilities and design an umbrella statement that you can use to guide into an exciting future. This is truly a life changing program that can help you move passionately into your future.

If you are at a crossroads, if you are ready to dream big, if you want to bring clarity to your purpose, then this is the program for you.

You can find more information about this program here. If you’re ready to get started, you can sign up here.

Creative Support Group

Have you taken one of my workshops and enjoy the camaraderie and creative growth offered? Maybe you have a creative project that needs support  but doesn’t fit into a specific workshop? If this is you, I invite you to consider my Creative Support Group. This small group meets weekly in a group setting working on creative challenges or individual projects. In addition to our weekly meet-ups you will have access to an online support group and assistance from me via email or chat.

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