If you loved Creating with Intention you will love Storytelling! This another step in your store telling journey. One I hope will bring you even more tools to pull from as you create original stories!

Much like Creating with Intention we’re going to take a look at our motivations to create as well as the creative process. During our time together we will:

  • take an inventory of our personal skills.
  • write a creative autobiography.
  • explore idioms / personal vocabularies.
  • investigate different ways to express motion.
  • create specific types of diptychs / two image stories.
  • delve into the power of accessories.
  • plus so much more!

The weekly challenges

  • Week #1 Introductions
  • Week #2 Where do ideas come from?
  • Week #3 Developing your personal visual vocabulary?
  • Week #4 Solving for the ‘problem’
  • Week #5 What is your motivation?
  • Week #6 Color theory
  • Week #7 Closure #A
  • Week #8 Closure #B
  • Week #9 Closure #C
  • Week #10 What is happening here?
  • Week #11 Final presentation – check in
  • Week #12 Final presentation

This workshop will give you the tools and confidence to explore your original stories using toys. We will be using Scott McCloud’s book Understanding Comics as a reference. I encourage you to purchase this book for this workshop.

If this sounds interesting you can sign up here!

If you would like more information, please reach out and let’s have a conversation. I want to know how best I can help you reach your creative goals!

Thanks very much for all of your help and support during this course. It’s been really fun and I’ve learned a lot. Apart from anything else, I’m feeling a lot more confident about trying out new things and feeling like I can achieve things that would have previously seemed so daunting. – Keeley, June 2021

Because this is a new workshop I will be holding a four week test run of the concepts. If you want to both learn and help me flesh this super informative workshop out, you can sign up here. We will be starting on October 8th, 2022.

If this sounds interesting but you don’t know where to start…start here. Based on your answers I will contact you and we can decide the best way to proceed together.