Toy Photography Masterclass

You’ve recently discovered toy photography and you love what you see. So many exciting images images of toys flying through the air, battling through snow storms and inhabiting magical worlds. If you’re like me, “How did they do that?”, has probably run through your mind more than once. This six-week workshop will take you through the basics of toy photography and give you the skills to dissect and recreate just about any image you come across. I will shorten your learning curve by sharing everything I know about:

  • A brief history of toy photography and its major influences
  • Toy brands, scale and sourcing your toys
  • Posing and supporting your figure
  • Studio techniques including lighting options
  • Outdoor photography
  • Bringing the outdoors in
  • Practical effects (snow, ice, rain, smoke, explosions)
  • Where do ideas come from
  • Plus each week will have a a detailed list of resources for individual exploration

There is plenty of opportunity to ask questions as we go along. And if I don’t have the answer, I will certainly know the person who does!

Wait! There’s more!

Every week there will be a photo assignment asking you to use one of the techniques learned the previous week. These images will be shared with the group for constructive and supportive feedback. In addition to our six weeks together I will setting up an individual mentoring session with each participant to answer questions specific to your own journey.

If you love toy photography but don’t know where to start, this is the perfect workshop for you! This Master Class will leave you with a strong foundation to begin your own creative toy photography journey!

This workshop is currently being reworked. Please check back for more details or look at my other workshops for one that is right for you.

If this sounds interesting but you don’t know where to start…start here. Based on your answers I will contact you and we can decide the best way to proceed together. 

As I am a newbie in toy photography, I have learned a lot from you.  With the large amount of resources you provide, my knowledge has deepened and my horizons have broadened. – Janet Fung