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Patience seems to be the name of the game right now and it’s not my strong suit. But unfortunately that is the order of the day. When I was preparing for the In LEGO, We Connect show I was in charge, I knew what needed to happen and I could push the process along. Now I have entered a new stage, the waiting game and I hate it.

What I am waiting on:

  • My next project requires customs figures and I am waiting for those to be created.
  • I am waiting on my copy of Bricks Culture; either the digital or physical copy. (Right now I am betting the physical copy gets here first.)
  • I am waiting to see if the seeds I have planted regarding future exhibitions germinate.

So while I wait to see what the next step is, I am going to get busy with life. I have entered a new stage, the waiting game and I hate it.

I am sure I will be taking a few deep breaths along the way.

“Only photography what you love.” Tim Walker

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