The importance of good light can never be under estimated. Several of my blog mates are studio photographers who’re able to control every nuanced shaft of light. As an outdoor photographer I don’t have that luxury and often my work suffers for it.

This past week was one big wasted opportunity. As I spent five days in rural Italy near Florence and Siena, I was surrounded by picturesque vistas, rolling hills of grape vineyards, fields of wild red poppies and rock walls covered in moss and succulents to die for. Basically a photographers dream.

Unfortunately the light had other plans.

The weather during my visit was windy with overcast grey sky’s and a constant threat of rain. I took a few photos in my spare moments, but they are all colorless and flat. The only time I saw any of that fabled golden Tuscan light was walking up the hill to dinner one evening and I had no camera or mini figures in my possession.

All of this is just a reminder that we really aren’t photographing our subjects but the light reflecting off of them. The next time you are outside taking photos, be aware of the light and try to capture that, not your subject.

Because that is where the magic lies.

What is your best or worst travel related photo experience?

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