I have been reading Show Your Work, the follow-up to Steal Like an Artist. I can’t say I am as enamored with it as I was with his first book. I was really hoping it would be full of interesting tidbits that would spark interesting conversations and future blog posts.

But all it has done is make me feel depressed about how much work it will take to get my work known; especially outside the rather insular (but fun) toy photography community. Here are some samples of what he recommends:

Ok, I confess, I really like this last one. But the rest of the list makes m feel exhausted before I have even begun. If you want to pursue the details you can buy the book and see if I missed anything relevant. Marketing is a lot of work and honestly this is where most artists fail. You have to spend about 10 hours of marketing your work for every hour you spend making it. Personally I would rather be out photographing, editing and printing my work than writing blog posts and working the social media channels. But the world we live in now requires this of me. 

I tell my photographer friends (who are much better than I am) that they are nobody because they don’t have an internet presence. Is this true? Of course not! 

Or maybe it is.

How much time do you spend marketing your artistic creations?

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