Six Image Challenge

The six image narrative workshop is designed to strengthen your curatorial and storytelling skills. The goal of this workshop is to practice editing a series of photos into a compelling visual story. 


The idea of the six image narrative comes from a LensWork podcast for a contest they were running at the time called “Seeing In Sixes”. I’ve been fascinated with the concept ever since. 


What happens when you curate a series of photos around a single idea, toy, technique or point of view? Can a group of photos have a greater impact than just one? These are the ideas that we will be exploring in this workshop.


What is this single thread? It can be just about anything! Which of course creates its own problems. Too much choice can cause even the most dedicated creative freeze like a deer in the headlights of an oncoming car.

Because who wants to think, I will be providing a list of potential ideas for you to choose from. These ideas will cover a wide range of technical skills, storytelling and toy specific possibilities. If you already have an idea that you want to work from, just let me know. 


Potential series could include:


  • Particular process
  • Photo style
  • Single toy
  • One idea
  • Singular point of view 
  • Series of images leading to a conclusion
  • Photo technique
  • Series of portraits


What I love about this format is its ability to accommodate any photographer’s interest. Within the safe and supportive environment of my workshops you will create 12-14 images that will be curated into a six image visual story.

This is a great opportunity to explore a particular photographic technique, a style of toy photography, and take a deep dive into one of the many fun aspects of toy photography such as practical effects. But it can also be a chance to create simple studies that can be used in other projects. 


If you’ve taken any of my workshops you know that any one of the challenges can be expanded into multiple images that can create a unique impact when combined together. Of course, practicing the art of curation is a skill that will transfer to all your photography projects.


I hope you will join me for this fun filled workshop.

What will we create together?