Myth , Metaphor and Symbols

This exciting and for workshop is a twelve-week exploration of myths and metaphors as seen through the lens of toy photography. Each week we will explore a specific cultural myth, metaphor or symbol. We will:

  • Learn the difference between a Myth and an Archetype.
  • We will explore how stories help us make sense of the world
  • Explore how ‘ancient’ stories permeate popular culture
  • We will also explore the idea of cultural appropriation

The weekly challenges

  • Week #1 Greek Myths
  • Week #2 Greek Myths (cont.)
  • Week #3 Flowers as Symbols
  • Week #4 Flowers as Symbols (cont.)
  • Week #5 Native American Myths
  • Week #6 Native American Myths (cont.)
  • Week #7 Animals as Symbols
  • Week #8 Animals as Symbols (cont.)
  • Week #9 Norse Mythology
  • Week #10 Norse Mythology (cont.)
  • Week #11 Yin & Yang (diptych)
  • Wrap-up, continuing projects, what’s next?

For each session I will be providing you a list to choose from to ensure we cover a wide range of stories and symbols.  When you present your images you will be asked to also present a brief description of what you learned (100-200 word max) and a behind the scenes look at your photo.

You can sign up for this workshop in two different ways: the full twelve weeks or an abbreviated six-week version. The six-week version will focus on the heart of the challenges while the full twelve weeks will have room to explore the creative process along the way. The even numbered weeks will focus on works in progress and other images you’ve created inspired by the current challenge. These weeks will be more free form discussions around the photography presented. Both version will be generate ideas for future images as well as a deeper understanding of how to use myths, metaphors and symbols to create layers in your images.

This is the perfect workshop for the intermediate toy photographer looking to bring additional story telling skills to their work.  We will learn to bring additional layers of meaning to your images as well as build upon the stories that infuse our collective conscious. Be prepared to take your story telling skills to the next level with this workshop!

This workshop is inspired by the work of Joseph Campbell.

If you would like to sign up please check here for next available workshop.

If this sounds interesting but you don’t know where to start…start here. Based on your answers I will contact you and we can decide the best way to proceed together.