Myth , Metaphor and Symbols


This exciting and for workshop is a six-week exploration of myths and metaphors as seen through the lens of toy photography. Every other week we will explore a specific cultural myth, metaphor or symbol. We will:

  • Learn the difference between a Myth and an Archetype.
  • We will explore how stories help us make sense of the world
  • Explore how ‘ancient’ stories permeate popular culture
  • We will also explore the idea of cultural appropriation

The weekly challenges

  • Week #1 Greek Myths
  • Week #2 Flowers as Symbols
  • Week #3 Native American Myths
  • Week #4 Animals as Symbols
  • Week #5 Norse Mythology
  • Week #6 Yin & Yang (diptych)
  • Week #6 Wrap-up, continuing projects, what’s next?

For each session I will be providing you a list to choose from to ensure we cover a wide range of stories and symbols.  When you present your images you will be asked to also present a brief description of what you learned (100-200 word max) and a behind the scenes look at your photo.

This is the perfect workshop for the intermediate toy photographer looking to bring additional story telling skills to their work.  We will learn to bring layers of meaning by building on existing stories and cultural understanding.

This is the perfect workshop for the beginning story teller. By studying existing archetypes we will lay a strong foundation to build your own stories on.

This workshop is inspired by the work of Joseph Campbell.

The next session of this workshop begins January 14th, 2023. If you would like to sign , you can do so here. If you have additional questions please contact me here.