For me, nothing says summer like the rich color of green.

Summer is upon us here in the great Pacific Northwest with a vengeance. The kids are out of school, the temperatures are unseasonably warm and the sun never stops shining.

Luckily, only a short drive away, you can escape the heat and take a deep dive into the forest. You can climb a mountain or follow a shady path through the tangled undergrowth, whatever suites your fancy. The light is beautiful as it filters though the canopy of leaves high overhead. If you look closely you can observe the magic of the ever-present moss, lichen and fungus as it clings to everything in sight. Sword ferns cover the ground as far as the eye can see, decomposing fallen trees bring a new round of nutrients to the soil and the large rocks and boulders left from some retreating glacier, add to the beauty of this rich, cool and very green landscape.

Since the sun never seems to stop shining here in the “rainy” Pacific Northwest (thank you climate change) my photos this summer will be filled with a thousand shades of green as I escape into this wonderland of cool.

Of course there are much worse places to escape to with a backpack full of mini figures. 🙂

What says summer to you? Is it a particular mini figure, or a particular color, or a favorite place? 

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