Creativity Coaching

Are you feeling unclear or stuck in your creative process? Do you have a specific project that needs support? Did you forget how to dream somewhere along the way? Are you curious what your purpose is? Have you reached one of the many crossroads of life and you’re looking for clarity? Are you looking for […]


This past week I have been in full blown procrastination mode. I find myself doing practically anything instead of working on those large, self imposed, projects I set out for myself.

My Passion

My passion is not LEGO, it may not even be photography, it’s music. I have been pretty clear with friends that if I had to choose between LEGO and music, I would choose music.

Quantity is Better than Quality

So don’t get hung up on how great your images are. If you simply spend more time behind that lens snapping away at lots of things, without worrying about what you are doing a funny thing will happen.

The Color of Summer

For me, nothing says summer like the rich color of green. Summer is upon us here in the great Pacific Northwest with a vengeance. The kids are out of school, the temperatures are unseasonably warm and the sun never stops shining. Luckily, only a short drive away, you can escape the heat and take a deep dive […]

Mini Figure Customization

I recently purchased the book Minifigure Customization and I am busy sawing, grinding and painting my plastic. (Gasp!) To give you some idea of what a revolutionary statement that is for me, I currently store my mini figs by series and theme, I rarely ever mix and match parts and if I do I immediately put […]

A Morning Well Spent

This past Saturday I had the absolute privilege to meet up with nine other local toy photographers and spend a very quick two hours running around Seward Park taking photographs of toys. This group was made up of people I admire, people who are my friends and people who I want to get to know […]


I would be lying to you and to myself if I said I took photographs only for the joy of it. Sure, at some point that was true, but it’s also true that in the last year that has all changed. As doors and opportunities have presented themselves I have made choices that have taken me down […]


I know I have mentioned this several times, but inspiration sometimes comes from the weirdest places. Recently I watched the movie “Frank” which tells the story of one aspiring band who is fronted by a man who never removes his papier-mâché head. Just the place to find treasures like: When you think you’ve gone far […]

“Yes” may not be the right answer

A few weeks ago there was a lot of buzz in the Instagram LEGO toy photography community because several members were asked by the “mother ship”  to use their photographs. I think it is great that LEGO is supporting their fans, but as a member of the creative class, it is prudent to ask a few questions before you say […]