The Idea Factory II

In the Idea Factory II we jump off where Idea Factory I leaves off. In this sessions six challenges Have two goals. I know, that’s a lot for six short weeks! The first goal is we can see how far you’ve progressed and celebrate that accomplishment! The second goal is to start laying the ground work for more longer stories or photo series.

One of the problems of posting to social media is that is rewards posting single images. Its great to get that quick fix of positive dopamine that is received when posting to your favorite social media platform. But if you want to move your photography forward, it’s time to embrace the longer series.

The longer series can be a full on story, it can be a series of images connected by a theme, an accessory, time, character or style. We are going to start exploring the concept of the red thread in more detail and begin to bring some order to our creative chaos.

Each challenge will help you to see where you are, where you’ve been and reveal where you might want to go. We will also be exploring different ideas to create rhythm and movement in a series of photos. All five challenges will be building towards your final week’s challenge: create a short series of images that reflects rhythm and melody.


Every workshop I create continues to build your creative vocabulary and skills. The Idea Faculty II continues that trend. In this works shop we will create image around the following challenges:

  • Week #1 – Recreate one of your earliest toy photographs
  • Week #2 – Create a photograph that fails
  • Week #3 – Photograph a secret
  • Week #4 – Create an ultra close-up photo
  • Week #5 – Photograph time (2 images)
  • Week #6 – Rhythm and Melody (3 image minimum)


When you finish this short, but intense workshop, you will have an excellent idea of your current skill set as well as what you need to work on to take your work where you want to go. You will also have additional tools to help you create a series of images that will hold your audiences attention.

The next session of The Idea Factory II begins on January 10th, 3pm PST. You can sign up here. 


Here are three images that I took over the course of ten years. They show both the evolution of my style and skill level. What would you see if you tried a similar exercise?